Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I am very excited to be writing my first blog post on the all new
Scrappers Garden blog.
We had a mini break of sorts last week at the coast.
 Every time we stay near Milton NSW I try to get to the local art and craft store,
this time around I came across some paper mache half masks
which I thought would be the perfect project to use Scrappers Garden flowers on!!
so I sorted through my little stash of Scrappers Garden flowers and came up with this.....

Some close ups...

I must say my kids are loving trying this mask on and pretending they are at a Masquerade ball.
I may just have to purchase a few more for them to decorate :)

I have used the following flowers from Scrappers Garden available from the store Here!!

Euphorbia flowers
Sprocket flowers
Molded Roses

Don't forget Scrappers Garden is having a May flower release TONIGHT

Hope you can join us ....lots of new designs will be available for you to purchase before they hit the store

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  1. lovely way to use the flowers Maria, certainly make OTP work so easy and pretty